Oil Skimmers

Oil skimmers are machines that separate a liquid from another liquid, or  from particles floating on it.  A common application is removing oil floating on water.


Vertical Adhesion Band Oil Skimmer

The V.A.B. FOXTAIL OIL SKIMMER was developed and tested at the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (NPCA) base in Horten, Norway. Since 1984 several units have been in service in the North Sea on board specialized oil recovery vessels operated by the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority. Not only is the V.A.B. FOXTAIL OIL SKIMMER capable of recovering large quantities of oil, but it performs equally well also in rough sea. This can be seen from the illustration on the following pages. Patent Pending.

Main Features

  • High capacity oil recovery
  • Low weight – simple construction
  • Unaffected by waves
  • Portable and requires only a single wire suspension
  • Operates well among floating objects
  • Not sensitive to oil viscosity or temperature
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FoxTail Mini

Portable and efficient oil skimmer

The FoxTail MINI is a new Henriksen product. FoxTail MINI was develloped through NOFO’s “oil spill response 2010”.The objective was to make a mop skimmer that is lightweight and can be moved by 1 or 2 persons on shorelines. This means that this tool can be used in places that are not accessible using a standard Foxtail without having to rely on machine power to lift or move it.

Main Features

  • Develloped trough NOFO’s “oil spill response 2010”
  • Weight empty: 33kg
  • Weight operative: 50kg
  • Capacity: 3m3/h
  • Motor: Kawasaki 48TH
  • Gasoline: regular 2T 95 Oktan 2%
  • Outlet: 2,5”
  • Mop speed: 1-50m/min
  • Size: 618x410x755mm
  • Easy to carry
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The KLK FoxDrums handles oils of most viscosities, from heavy crude oils to light oils. The FoxDrums has been specially designed to operate with heavy crude oils both at open sea and in ports, at temperature down to freezing point.

The FoxDrum operates well in rough sea without admitting unwanted water. It handles most types of debris, ropes, wood, sea grass, birds etc. without difficulty. The two drums collect oil from opposite directions which doubles the capacity. For minimum storage space and rapid and effective maintenance the pontoons can easily be removed.

With the FoxDrum skimmer you can handle all types of oils in the same skimmer, you don’t need different type of skimmer for different types of oils.

Both the FoxDrum -602 and the 402 are high quality products, manufactured of first-class materials, chosen to withstand very corrosive environments.

Main Features

  • Handles viscosities up to 10.000 cst
  • High recovery efficiency
  • Handles most types of  debris
  • Low maintenance
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Hydraulic Powerpack

Hydraulic power unit

The Hydraulic Powerpack is a hydraulic power unit for operating the Foxtail Skimmer, KLK Skimmer or other devices. The standard version consists of afixed pump with bypass valve and oil cooler. Thepump is driven by a noise insulated air-cooleddiesel engine. The Powerpack is complete with hydraulic oil.

Main Features

  • Can be deliverd witg variable colume punp
  • Driven by a noise isulated air-cooled diesel engine
  • Can be deliverd with possibility for utilising of accumulated electric power 12V/450W
  • Other combinations of pumps / Rpm gives many different versions
  • Completed with hydraulic oil
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