Most REBS products are designed for use in maritime environments using corrosion resistant materials. Several of our products are also capable of submerging to great depths, makes them suitable for submarine deployment.

Transom adapter

The Transom Adapter has been designed to enhance the capability of rapidly deployable Inflatable Boat Platforms. When coupled with a short shaft OBM, the adaptor allows the boat to be bundled and air dropped with the motor already fitted to the transom.

To deploy, the motor can be indexed from parallel to perpendicular with the transom and then with the operation of a foot pedal, the OBM is then lowered into the water. All of which can be carried out by single operator without any tools. When coupled with the fast inflation system and inflatable floor, setup time and operator exertion is significantly reduced.

When underway, maintenance and OBM change out is also much safer because the power head (and COG) is inboard of the transom and the OBM can easily be slid out of the Adaptor after removal of a single Retaining Pin.


The adaptor allows the boat to be bundled and air dropped with the motor already fitted to the transom.


A single-step procedure quickly enters the outboard motor into the water.


The design also offers flexibility as it can be fitted to multiple in-service inflatable boat models (currently fitted to Zodiac & Wing Inflatables) and can integrate a range of OBM’s as well (currently run with Tohatsu & Raider OBMs). BDI design, manufacture and certify the items, the design can be adapted to meet user requirements and preferences. Transom Plates can also be provided for fitment of long shaft motors or twin OBM applications if required.



All components are CNC machined from 316 Stainless Steel and Marine Grade Aluminum so that the design is suited to the maritime environment and the system as a whole has been designed with ease of inspection and maintenance in mind