We offer a diverse suite of ladders optimized for urban, maritime, and rugged terrain use. We have several different categories.

Ladders offered by REBS can also be used for bridging short and medium distances, and can also double as litters or stretchers for casualty evacuation.

Rigid Ladders

Rigid ladders provides the most stable and effective climbing tool available for boarding and entering operations.

Tactical Ladder

The Tactical ladder is a rigid section aluminum ladder with great strength and versatility. It consists of multiple segments that are fast and easy to connect together with a quick release pin.

Fixed ladders are in many cases a more effective alternative than flexible ladders. The Tactical ladder can be used in both urban and boat to boat operations. It is also well suited for entering buildings or ledges in urban environments.

Man using ladder on boat
Ladder in parts

The REBS® Tactical Ladder is a lightweight rigid section ladder that is well suited for both urban and marine boarding and entering.

To achieve desired length, the operators can connect multiple Tactical Ladder sections and an  optional wire ladder for a superior reach with a well optimized configuration.

The Tactical Ladder is very robust and is made from forged and anodized aluminum. The rungs are fastened with dual rivets.

The ladder element, the flexi element,  the hook and all surrounding gear is connected quickly and easily using the quick release pins.

Carbon Ladder

The REBS® Carbon Ladder is a light weight rigid section ladder that is excellent for both urban and marine boarding and entering.

Developed in close cooperation with the Norwegian Forces, strength, robustness and weight are key features. The ladder can be used from a boat or by divers for entering a ship. It is also a suitable alternative for entering buildings through verandas or windows.

The REBS® Carbon Ladder is a light weight rigid ladder that is well suited for both urban and marine boarding and entering.

The steps are produced using carbon fiber tubing filled with a closed cell foam core. This acts as flotation device and gives the sections neutral buoyancy. The steps are covered with an anti-slip material, which gives good grip for both hands and feet.

On the top and bottom of each section there is a titanium quick connector that makes the sections fast and easy to assemble with a quick release ball pin.

Carbon Multi Ladder (CML)

The Carbon Multi Ladder is a multi function ladder system comprised of carbon fiber ladder sections.  The innovative, lightweight, strong and smooth design is derived from the same advanced molding techniques also used to fabricate modern bicycle frames and components.

As a result of the state-of-the-art fabrication process, the ladder design optimizes the carbon fiber properties into a very strong monocoque frame. The Carbon Multi Ladder system packs into a low-volume package that is easily carried on a backpack or with the custom CML Backpack. The Carbon Multi Ladder can be used in multiple configurations.

Used as a stretcher

The Carbon Multi Ladder system is a versatile system with multiple functions, its main usage modes are:

  1. Suspended by hook(s)
  2. Leaning against wall
  3. Stretcher
  4. Bridge

The ladder segments and its components are rapidly and easily assembled with stainless steel quick release pins.

Urban & Maritime Usage

Depending on desired angle, stack desired number of sections for and use them as a leaning rung ladder to scale a wall. The Carbon Multi Ladder is a very efficient tool for urban operation.

Pool Ladder


The REBS® Pool Ladder is a special tool for moderate height boarding operations. The ladder is preferably used together with an optional length wire ladder for extended reach and flexibility. The Pool Ladder can be placed either by hand or using a telescopic pole.

The Pool Ladder is a single section rigid ladder with integrated hooks that offers excellent stability and climbing ease for deployment near entry points. The ladder inside width measures 284 mm. The ladder floats in water.

Place a telescopic pole in the lifting funnel to place the Pool Ladder on an entry point far from reach overhead. The lifting funnel is specially made for the top adapter on our telescopic poles and keeps the Ladder from rotating on the Pole, increasing positional control and making the ladder much easier to place securely.

Sponsored by USSOCOM, Atlas Devices has engineered a new state of the art for tactical ladders. The LTL system features a sophisticated design optimized for an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio that offers durability, versatility, and incredibly light weight without sacrificing strength or height.

The innovative, patented locking joint design enables not just the ability to rapidly deploy and stow the LTL, but also the ability to separate the assembly into smaller sections to optimize load carry and length. The Atlas LTL system sets a new standard for what a tactical ladder can provide.


Easily separable into smaller sections, the LTL system’s weight can be distributed among several people and rapidly reassembled on-site. It can also be configured for shorter lengths or deployed as several ladders, making it a single solution for many different missions.


The 28 foot full-length ladder weighs less than 45 lbs


Collapsed envelope fits entirely within torso, enabling unimpeded freedom of movement even when prone: ideal for urban and confined operations. Space within frame provides storage and protection for additional equipment.

Capabilities and specifications

  • Deployment time: <5 seconds
  • Secondary positive joint locks can automatically engage on deployment
  • Joints manually lockable for noise control
  • Stow time: <10 seconds
  • Tool free joining of up to 2 full ATL segments to yield 4,6 m / 15 ft ladder
  • Compliant with relevant portions of NFPA 1931015, ANSI-ASCA14.2-2007

Henriksen REBS is the European distributor of products from Atlas Devices, including the Atlas Tactical Ladder System ATL. Please contact us for inquiries.


Load rated vertical/horizontal hoisting patient packaging system including hoist bridle, patient straps, and retention/ stowage covers. Originally co-developed with Roco Rescue.


An ultralight anodized aluminum MOLLE-style semi-flexible panel backpack that allows vertical and horizontal mounting options integrated into the ATL with the addition of the speed clip accessory.

by HQH Ladcarb LDC

Extremely strong structure made of carbon fibre composite tubes manufactured using the most advanced axial fibre laying technique together with our unique design assure high durability, low weight, extremely high modulus and unbelievable versatility of this product. Thanks to carefully selected dimensions and structural characteristics, the ladder was successfully certified in accordance with the EN-BS 1147 Standard as a rescue and access ladder for professional use.

4.6 m long ladder consists of 4 sections which can be quickly and easily dismantled to single parts fi tting into a dedicated bag for storage or transport and assembled right at the point of action.

For special military or rescue operations in remote areas we provide eavy-duty mountaineering backpacks allowing even safe fast-roping from helicopters.

Thanks to carefully selected dimensions and structural characteristics, the ladder was successfully certified in accordance with the EN-BS 1147 Stan-dard as a rescue and access ladder for professional use

The ladder endures loads up to 200 kg at horizontal position (bridge) and it can carry 3 persons while leaning against a wall. One single rung with rough and durable anti-slip surface cover withstands a load up to 500 kg allowing rescue of persons by carrying over the shoulder.

by HQH Ladcarb Fix-Lite Seclad

In order to provide more length options and further reduce the weight, we have developed an absolutely unique design of ultra-light sectional ladders consisting of 2 different sections (2-rungs and 3-rungs) offering an unbelievably wide range of length options. These ladders offer a perfect solution for tactical operations like entering buses, trains, buildings with different window-heights etc.

Thanks to this new design, we are able to offer sectional ladders from 0.8m up to 5.0 m (by 0.3m).

When folded, a 5.0 m long ladder dimensionsare only 1.0 x 0.46 x 0.3 m.

by HQH Ladcarb Maritime

In order to make our ladder product line complete, we have also added a light marine boarding ladder. Ultra-light carbon fibre frame together with dual titanium hook allow ladder to float while maintaining excellent mechanical endurance. Universal threaded inserts allow installation of our standard standoff extenders and titanium anchoring eyes at the bottom end of stiles allow installation of extending wire or rope ladder. Dual hook is equipped with a cone allowing lifting of the ladder by our TACPOLE carbon telescopic pole.

Rope Ladders

A large advantage with rope ladders is the small transportation volume, low weight and their flexibility. Rope ladders are often used in combination with a telescopic pole and a hook for gaining rapid access. A short 1,5 m wire ladder is also often used for increased flexibility and sefety for both maritime and urban boarding and entering.

Wire Ladders

The new design of the wire ladders has the highest strength to weight ratio of any wire ladder in the world. The wire ladders have been developed with input from professional users and have high-end features for superior performance in tenuous situations. All ladders are delivered ready to use. The rungs are diamond knurled and provide a durable high friction grip surface.

Wire ladders are often used in combination with telescopic poles. The ladders are strong and rugged, but also compact in size, exceptionally light weight, and pack compactly and easily.

Our wire ladders are delivered completely prepared  for immediate use. Every ladder is fitted with thimbles, proper connectors and checked and approved before they are put in stock for fast delivery.

Wire ladders are kept in stock in the standard lengths:  1,5 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15 m and 20 m (5, 16.5, 23, 33, 49, and 65.5 ft), but custom lengths can be delivered upon request.

The ladder has a market-leading minimum breaking load (MBL) of 1200 kg.

The wire ladder is made with the highest quality components and materials. The Ø3 mm (1/8 in) wire rope and thimble are made from 316 stainless steel and the rungs are black anodized 6082 T6 aluminum.

Rope Ladders

A rope ladder with aluminum steps. Super compact in size and low weight. Can be used inside the Launchers container or with our other poles. It is developed with input from professional users  and has high end features for maximum performance.

The rope ladder is used where a ladder with the least size and weight is required. It is supplied with our launchers as a standard part of the launcher packages.

The Launcher is able to fire a hook with rope ladder 25 meters (82 ft) vertically, and the Compact Launcher is able to achieve a 16 m (53 ft) vertical placement. The rope ladder features high tensile fiber vertical lines with aluminum steps, and is extremely compact in size and low in weight. It was designed with input from professional users to optimize its performance and specifications.

Ladder Reel

  • The handles are fast and easily collapsed into the ladder reel for fast and easy transportation and handling.
  • The handles enables fast spooling of the wire ladder on and off the ladder reel.
  • A carabiner hook fastens the wire ladder to the hub, and another spring clamp secures the ladder end to secure the wire ladder in place.

The Ladder Reel is used to efficiently operate wire ladders. Its functional, strong, flexible and lightweight design makes it perfect for fast operation of wire ladders, but is also beneficial for transportation and storage. It features a carbine hook for securing the ladder to the reel and a snap hook for holding the ladder in place when it is rolled on. A collapsible handle on each side enables fast and precise handling.


Hook the ladder on to the center of the empty Ladder Reel with the carbine hook. Roll the wire ladder onto the reel. When the ladder is rolled completely into place, the snap hook is used to secure the ladder in the wound position to ensure it cannot unwind. Collapsible handles unfold from each side, each with a nylon strap on its end. Pull the strap to extend the handle, and twist to lock.


The Ladder reel is constructed from rubber castings around a spring steel insert. This ensures high performance, and flexibility with high strength, and the rubber sheath prevents damage and abrasion to surrounding equipment.

FIFI Ladder Hook

The FIFI ladder hook is designed to be used as a safety accessory to the wire ladders.

The FIFI ladder hook is designed to increase the safety and usability of the wire ladder. Its design allows you to safely use the wire ladder while keeping your arms operational.