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Art No.: BE002442

The REBS™ Launcher main purpose is for tactical situations where the user needs to be able to access a higher or lower entry point by firing the grapnel hook on to a permanent fixture and then ascend or descend from this certain strategic point. Perfect for entering buildings, bridges, ships, platforms or cliffs and for crossing ravines or rivers, both in military and rescue settings. 

The REBS™ Launcher is designed in close co-operation with the Norwegian forces.

REBS™ Launcher is powered by pressured air, mainly for safety reasons, relatively low noise, and for easy loading with the same filling system as diving bottles. Air pressure is easily regulated and highly effective for launching a grapnel to different heights. A high strength grapnel hook can be projected to a height of minimum 50 meters vertically and 80 meters horizontally, all depended on your launching pressure.  

Versatility to throw any object that fits into its barrel.

The REBS Launcher is saltwater resistant (anti-corrosion) and the construction requires very little 1st and 2nd line maintenance.

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